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Declaration of telework for non-resident employees

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The Centre commun de la sécurité sociale has set up this website in order to enable employers to declare any telework activity regularly carried out by their employees who reside outside the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

  • Telework falling under the scope of the application of the framework agreement;
  • Telework carried out in the scope of the pursuit of activities in two or more Member states: application of the European regulations (n° 883/2004 and n° 987/2009) for every situation not covered by the framework agreement.

Based upon the information provided through this form, the Centre commun de la sécurité sociale will process the declarations in line with either the newly implemented framework agreement on telework, or the current procedure for working in two or more Member States. If necessary, an additional form to complete will be provided.

More information is available in the following *Information sheet.

For any other telework situation (e.g. self-employed person, third countries [cf. Information sheet], civil servant or assimilated person, etc.), please use the forms available on the following website:


Type of declaration
Details concerning the employer
Details concerning the insured person
Information concerning the insured person's activity with the employer

By submitting this form, I confirm the accuracy of the given information. I declare that I am aware that any inaccurate declaration
on my part or failure to declare any change may result in a change of affiliation, and may also be subject to penalties as provided
for in the Social Security Code and the Criminal Code.